Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Getting Stuff Done!

Good Evening Chickies! How was your day? Mine flew by! Not that I am complaining in the least ;) I woke up a bit early today and got my day started. I made up a bowl of cereal, checked my email, made an iced coffee and watched the news for a bit. 004

I then trekked to work hoping it wouldn’t rain since I really didn’t want to drive. The morning came and went and the skies weren’t looking happy so I walked home to get my car and gym clothes. Once back to work I ate my yogurt, granola with almonds, and tons of pineapple. I also had a big old handful of pretzel goldfish Gosh I love those things! After work I went to the gym and snacked on a Fiber One bar before going in. I did a little over 2 miles on the treadmill and did some weights stopped by my parents house to say hi (and snacked on my body weight in darn grapes and had a piece of chocolate) then came home to do my report cards. I got those out of the way and made up some din din since Adam went to his brother’s house to get his haircut (his sister in law is a hair stylist). I had a tasty crack wrap with roasted red pepper hummus and Swiss cheese. I snacked on some carrots with hummus while making it up. and had the rest of my sweet potato fries and some Bread and Butter pickles on the side, while watching King Of Queens.  



I love me some quiet dinner nights, don’t get me wrong I love having dinner with Adam or anyone else for that matter but its just nice sometimes to have “Megan:” time. After dinner I cleaned up took out some garbage and did some Wii Active. I did some cardio and lower body stuff which only took about 10 minutes (didn’t wanna do much on a full belly) Then it was shower and blog time! I snacked on a few pieces of chocolate after I got out of the shower. (Picture X2)


Now its time to catch up on blogs and chat with my sweetie. Hope everyone had a great hump day! See you tomorrow!

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