Thursday, June 11, 2009

Birthday Recapage…

Hiya All! Well after my sugar binge on chocolate cake last night for the big 28…. I didn’t have any energy or the stomach to talk about food.. or look at the pictures of food :-P I had a great day though thanks to get family and friends! Here are all the pictures from the last 2 days ;) there was lots of gymage mixed in to attempt to offset the eats.. But that didn’t even come close!! haha oh well.. Everyone is supposed to splurge on their birthday right?!?!?

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And here are today’s eats.. The oats hit the spot.. I was totally not in the mood for anything too sweet! 002

Lunch was an apple with cottage cheese and a few bites of delish coffee cake that one of my mom’s brought in for her sons last day.. I went to the gym did 2.5 miles on the treadmill.. came home did some Wii Active.. then had some din din Crack Wrap with red pepper, pickles and random chips that I picked out of every bad that we have open :-P


Dessert was a few bites of my cake from last night… and some blueberries and grapes..

Oh and thanks to Terri Jo at Amazing Grass, she sent me an awesome package and I can’t wait to try everything out since Everyone is blog land has been giving it great reviews!!! ;-D


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