Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No Thunderstorms!

Thank goodness we didn’t get the terrible storms they were predicting for our area :-D I walked to and from work and was worried I would get caught in it.

Onto the eats, Breakfast this morning was a Chocolate Power Bar and an iced coffee I blended up in the magic bullet before heading off on my .25 mile trek to work ;) 


The morning flew by and before I knew it it was lunch time! I wasn’t very hungry but ate my apples and cottage cheese anyway. I also had some goldfish for a “treat”.  



After work I had a meeting with my boss to go over next year to talk about her getting a curriculum for my 2 year old class! I’m excited because I think it would really help to have something I could follow for the year :) When I got home around 4ish I was hungry and decided on a snack before heading off the gym. I had a few prunes and some almonds and went and did 2.25 miles on the treadmill and browsed some trashy magazines. I came home got a few things done and was starving again! WHAT IS MY PROBLEM! DAMN GIRLIE HORMONES! lol Dinner was my leftover veggie burger from dinner on Saturday night with my home made sweet tater fries and some b&b pickles.. 


MMM I also tried Adam’s Kielbasa/sausage veggie dish he whipped up, and boy was it YUMMY! 005

I did some stuff for work then did about 13 minutes of my Wii Active, I make up my own work outs so I can pick and choose what I want to focus on. I really love this “game” and hope it can help tone me up a bit if I stick to it! How can I not when I can do it anytime at home? In my PJS!!! :-D Dessert was a couple pieces of chocolate and a few cherries that were inhaled before the camera even had a chance to come out! lol 


I hope everyone had a great day, 3 more until the weekend.. not that I am counting or anything… hahah

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  1. haha I'm always counting down to the weekend! Sometimes it starts as early as Monday morning...hmm, probably not a good sign for my current job! lol