Monday, June 22, 2009

Back To School….

Hi Guys! Sorry I didn’t come back last night, I was at my parents house pretty late since Adam stopped by and we all started talking. I was in a food coma by the time we got back and I pretty much felt like a big old piggy! I hate how red meat makes me feel.. but I enjoy eating it every now and then! The filet mignon was delish with it we had Caesar salad, French fries and some mushrooms cooked in Marsala wine.. MMMM SO SOOO GOOD! I also had some graduation cake, which totally put me over the edge!

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Onto this morning, I woke up around 8 in a coma since I took a Benadryl before going to sleep last night. My allergies were killing me and I knew I needed something to knock me out and help me breath! I had a bowl of Kashi Go Lean, Kashi U, banana, cinnamon and some light vanilla soymilk.003

I also ate some pineapple while putting my lunch together. The morning flew by and before I knew it, it was 1 and the kiddies were resting so this was my chance to eat. I had an apple with cottage cheese and some cheez its. I wasn’t very hungry since my belly was angry at me over last nights eats. I walked home after work ate some almonds and raisins and was off to the gym. I did 2.5 miles on the treadmill and lifted and came home. I showered and watched Tyra and some of Oprah and decided on some din din. I had a Boca chicken patty with a slice of cheese, fries, and a pickle. I might have also snacked on some chips ;) 004

Adam didn’t get home until 6:30 so I watched some TV until he got home and made him up some leftover filet with rice a roni and a salad. I was trying to be a good little (soon to be) housewife ;) After his dinner I cut him up some of Joe’s graduation cake.. Of course I had to have a few bites too.. I can’t wait until all this junk is GONE!! Its so good yet so so bad.. hahah

How was your Monday? Only 4 more days to go :-D Have a great night!!!

I am going to try the sample of Chocolate Amazing Meal.


Should I make it with soymilk or water? If you’ve tried it which did you like it with more? Thanks so much!


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