Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Quick One

The new season of Bridezillas is coming on right now, so I’m making this uber quick!

I slept 7 whole hours last night thanks to some Benadryl :-D

Breakfast was the same bowl of cereal as yesterday, Kashi U and some Jumbo Rice Krispies, banana, cinnamon and Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Breeze… MMM there was a big old cup of coffee in there too ;)  


I cleaned the place up ran Adam’s laundry to his mom’s then went out shopping with mommy for an outfit for Joey’s graduation. I can’t believe that he is graduating from high school and going to college in 2.5 months! SO SCARY!! That just means I am getting old… hahah I was craving a parfait for lunch so I went to Einstein Brother's across the street. This totally hit the spot! I added more granola since there wasn’t enough for my liking :-P I went a bit overboard because I was full after eating half of this and some pineapple.

006 005

So we went down to Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk to walk around and get Adam a sausage pepper and onion sandwich. I of course had a bite and a diet coke since it was HOT HOT HOT out! FINALLY!!! We came home and crashed for a bit, and finished up the parfait and had a piece or 2 of chocolate ;) I did lesson plans and some abs and Wii Active. We also picked out our invitations for the wedding so now we just have to give it to Adam’s mom (she works for a printing company) WOOHOO for free invites :-D Dinner was some of my leftover salmon, a couple fries (there were some more eaten before I took the picture) and half a sweet potato with Newman’s Own Salsa. The salmon was so spicy so I had a piece of bread with some margarine to cool off the fire in my mouth ;) 007

Dessert was 2 spoonfuls of Coconut milk ice cream (chocolate) and a chocolate chip cookie :-D


now its time to watch Bridezillas! Have a great night chicas.

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