Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just Stopping By…

Good Evening Everyone!

Just saying hi.. nothing too exciting today to talk about.. same old breakfast and lunch…. salad with tuna for din din…  baked cookies for the kids at work.. ate some cookies just to make sure they were “safe”… :-D

I’ve just been reflecting a lot since tomorrow is the BIG 28!! I can’t believe I’m in my late 20’s.. where has the time gone? I guess its all just hitting me since my High School 10 year reunion is coming up in October… I’m getting married in November… My brother is graduating from HS next Friday.. and he is going off to college in the fall.. (the same one I went to!!) I can’t believe its been 10 years since I did all those things!

Just needed to vent a bit! What are your AHAH! moments?!??!

See ya tomorrow with pictures of my yummy Bday eats :-D


  1. Happy Birthday Megan! Hope you have a great day. :)

    Pig out! It's your b-day!

  2. Thanks so much Emily!!! :-D