Thursday, February 5, 2009


Hola :)
Well yesterday was a very busy day, I had work, gym then a class at night for work. I got home around 9ish and relaxed for a bit. I'll do a quick recap of the foodage for ya ;)

breakfast was oatmeal (usual) I also brought hot chocolate since it was snowy and freezing!!! Lunch was Yoplait yogurt and an apple (my belly was miserable something is just not right with it!!) I snacked on a bunch of pretzels to try to settle it before the gym but no such luck! I did 2.25 miles on the treadmill and came home to shower and eat before class. I had some grapes and chex mix while toasting my bread for dinner. I had a cinnamon raisin PB and Jelly sammy on ww. I also had a few pita chips on the side, These Stacy's multi grain ones are GREAT! Then right next to the building where my class was was a Dunkin Donuts so I got a medium decaf hazelnut with skim milk and splenda. MMM Class was on Asthma in the classroom I need 8 CEU's a year. I've got 4 so far ;) When I got home I had to choc chip peanut butter cookies and pretty much passed out.

Onto today, After a great night of sleep I felt well rested but my stomach HATES ME!!! I had a bowl of Kashi Oat Flakes & Wild Blueberry Clusters with a banana, cinnamon and Silk Light Original. I also brought my mug o' coffee with me :)

Lunch was an apple with cottage cheese. I was feeling pretty crappy at lunch so I held off and ate at nap time. I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the treadmill and some weights. I came home relaxed and got to make some 3 cheese tortellini and had the mediteranean pasta sauce my dad had made.. MMM I also had a salad on the side with some creamy italian dressing. After dinner and doing a few things I made Adam one of those microwave cakes that I make all the time. I tried to make it a bit healthier though and used 3 tbsp of applesauce instead of oil. Adam said he thought it tasted better than with the oil!! WOOOHOO I of course ate a few bites (maybe more than a few) haha and now I'm checking out some flower girl dresses online since we are going to Adam's brothers house Saturday to watch a car race and get haircuts! I will be trying out wedding hairstyles while the boys watch the race. I'm excited!!! Well I hope you all had a great Thursday and have an awesome Friday!!!

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