Friday, February 13, 2009

A Nice Quiet Day Off!

Hiya All!

Well I woke up bright and early this morning even though I had no work! Adam's alarm went off at 7 so I was wide awake from finally sleeping a whole entire night!!!!!!! FINALLY! It was about 8 hours, I haven't slept that long in a while. I made some coffee and tried to relax while watching the news.. but since there was a horrible plan crash I wasn't as relaxed. Those poor people! That is 2 plane crashes in about a month :(

Breakfast was a nice big bowl of oats with banana, soy milk, and grape nuts. I also munched on a ton of grapes while waiting that whole minute for it to heat up in the microwave :-P I let that digest and went to the gym and did alittle over 2 miles on the treadmill and some weights and came home to find Adam home already! He took a half day since he wasn't feeling well and there wasn't much work going on. (He's in bed now) I cleaned the floors and dusted then got in the shower and watched some tv until I started to get hungry for lunch. I made egg whites scrambled with some mozzarella cheese and a morning star sausage. MMM I also had more grapes and when I was cleaning up I may have inhaled a piece of chocolate ;) I love my parents at work but they need to stop giving me food for holidays!! HAHAHA I hope your having a great Friday! The weekend is almost here :-D See ya tonight for din din!

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  1. yum, looks great! I hope Adam feels better soon and you don't get the bug that he has!

    Have a great Friday lovely!