Sunday, February 1, 2009

Can't Wait For Superbowl Commercials

Happy Sunday everyone!
So is everyone as excited for the commercials tonight as I am? And Bruce is doing the half time show :)

But onto the eats of yesterday... Went to the gym and did 2.5 miles on the treadmill then hit up the parents to do laundry and bake them some brownies (and eat way too much batter) :-D I then came home put all my shiznat away and showered and made up some yummy yogurt. I had a Fage 0% with strawberries and blueberries. I also mixed in a ton of Grape nuts for some tasty crunch. Once Adam was home we ran to the library to pick up books for work and to get my ring cleaned. ITS SO SHINY AGAIN :-D When we got back we snacked on some Herr's pretzels and relaxed and did some wedding stuff..

Then it was time to make the dinner, Sloppy Joe's made with that tasty sauce we get from We also used 99% ff ground turkey in it. I made up some sweet potato fries also and put mine sloppyness on a sandwich thin and had a pickle with it. MMMM so so good!

We had our "date night" so we walked around the dollar store and then hit up Barnes and Nobles. I picked up a bunch of trashy magazines and a decaf coffee at starbucks. I also had 2 bites of Adam's Blueberry Scone. We came home and I tried to figure out our new dvd player. This took forever :( I might have had a twix while getting frustrated.. haha

This morning I woke up a tad before 8.. woohoooo I made up a bowl of oatmeal with banana, soy milk, cinnamon and grape nuts. I also snacked on some grapes while making it. I'm trying to lay off to coffee today since I have a sore throat and I feel like I've been drinking it too much lately.
Today I'm going to do some cleaning, hit up the gym, look at new cars and go food shopping before the game comes on. See ya later :-D
Oh and here is Mr. Popcorn making our dinner.. Isn't he nice?!?


  1. Ha I love that you still have the octopus popcorn kernal. That is too funny! I am glad you had a fabulous date night. I am also super pumped to watch the Superbowl tonight due to the commercials! I am hoping for the Steelers to win so my boss is happy.

  2. That yogurt looks great! Have fun tonight!!