Friday, February 13, 2009

Yummy Dinner and "Date" Night

So Once Adam awoke from his slumber and got ready this afternoon we ran out to do some errands. We got some beer for our Ghetto Vday tomorrow, tons of stamps for our save the dates and my yummy veggie chicken salad sammy from the health food store. When we got back I got started on figuring out the label program on the computer and then it was time for dinner. I had my sandwich with a pickle and some Stacy's Pita chips on the side. DELISH!! The sammy only has 200 calories but boy does it fill you up! After dinner we set out for target and Barnes and Nobles. I picked up some Amy's veggie burgers since they are cheaper at Target. I LOVE THAT PLACE!! We then went to B&N and as I was going into the bathroom there was a crisis going on.. from what I overheard a boy was there with 2 friends and od'd on some pills.. he must of left because the friends were there with some workers and the boys mom.. SO SCARY!! It makes me so scared to have kids these days.. :-( onto the fun part.. I got a IBC Diet Rootbeer (I just was not in the mood for coffee) I read some good old trashy mags and might have had a bite of Adam's pb cup cookie and a sip of his mocha frap.. so so good ;) When we got home I was craving some chocolate so I had 4 peanut mms. I'm now off to read some blogs while Adam watches the Daytona truck race...
Question: Does anyone have any fun/exciting plans for Vday tomorrow?

I'm going to my brother's state bowling tournament up in Northern Jersey then going to Menlo park mall for some browsing. At night we are getting some pizza and playing wii (super mario brothers) and I'll be having a Blue Moon or 2! We thought we'd go old school it reminds us of our childhood.. well except for the beer... hahah

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