Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wow This Mini Vaca Is Flying By!

I can't believe its Sunday night already!! Where did the weekend go? I woke up way too early this morning around 6ish but stayed in bed till about 7:30. I got up and made some coffee while checking email and watching the news. I was waiting for Adam to get up to get my oats started, so the minute he was up I was getting my foodage together :) I had my normal bowl of oats (banana, light original soy milk, grape nuts) and my coffee while chatting with Adam as he made his breakfast.
I went to the gym and did 2.5 miles on the treadmill and weights. I came home and we went across the street to A&P for Adam's goodies to make his yummy chilly. Once home He started cooking and I got to scrubbing the bathroom. Tons of fun for a Sunday morning :-P After cleaning and showering I started to get hungry around 12:30ish and made a bowl of Trader Joe's Greek Yogurt with strawberries and blueberries. I also mixed in some Golden Grahams for some CRUNCH! MMMM I also had a big ol' handful of grapes.
I decided to get my butt in gear and print out the labels finally for the save the dates. It took awhile to get the right size font but I finally got it! I then went to the parents house to do laundry, while there I also made some cookies. (forgot my camera since it was charging at home) I made double chocolate chunk and Oatmeal chocolate chip (both by Better Crocker in the pouch)I did try some cookie dough and it was YUMMY! Even though my tummy is way funny lately and this was not a good idea. Mom and I did some bonding over wedding stuff and once my laundry was finally done I came home to Adam watching the Daytona 500. I tried a tiny bowl of his chili that he made with chopped meat and pork tenderloin and it was really good!!! I'm not a huge chili fan but I really enjoyed it alot! I also had a salad to go with it. It had some roasted red pepper hummus, roasted red/yellow peppers, green pepper, cucs, lettuces, croutons and some balsamic vinegar for dressing. This totally hit the spot, I then was cutting up the rice krispie treats that I had made to give some to Joe and ate a small piece (no pic it was shoved in my face faster than you could imagine)hahah
Joe and I had a date to go bowling down the street since they have 1.75 games Sunday night from 7-9. Unfortunately the place was crazy packed and the wait would be forever so we left. I was so disappointed :( Instead I came home and had a piece of Daddy's chocolates the Grand Marnier one. SO FREAKING GOOD!!! I also had a few peanut mm's on the side. Chocolate cravings are out of control since we have tons in the house.. GET IT AWAY!!!!!!! hahah I'm now off to watch some rich bride poor bride.. See you all tomorrow! I've got one more day off!!! :-D

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