Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2 More Days Until My Weekend!!!

Oh how I love short weeks!!! :) I woke up this morning not too hungry.. I made up a bowl of oats (the usual) and forced myself to eat it up since I didn't know how the morning would be. I made a cup of coffee to bring with me on my walk. The morning flew by and it was pretty dark and dingy out so I walked home to pick up my car just in case in started to rain before I got out of work. Lunch was a pear with cottage cheese and some pretzels, I still wasn't hungry and it took me a while to eat it. ME NOT HUNGRY... WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?LOL After work I was off to the gym for a quick 2 miles on the treadmill and a run to Kmart to pick up something for a certain someone for VDAY :)

I came home and checked my email and showered then made up some Garlic Shells by Lipton. These were my absolute favorite growing up, def not healthy but brings back good memories which is all that matters to me ;) We also had dad's home made chicken cordon bleu which was AMAZING! I went back for a little of both after I finished what was on my plate ;) FYI I tore into before the pic because it was held together with toothpicks and we were trying to find em ;)We stopped by the rent's after dinner and went to pick up a few things at A&P since they had grapes on sale !!! 99 cents a pound!! We came home and I was craving nuts so I had a few walnuts and some lime jello and cool whip... mmm Now its time to watch American Idol and be lazy with my sweetie! Hope Ya'll had a great day! I will try to blog tomorrow but I have another class for my CEU's so we will see how exhausted I am when I get home ;) toodles tigers!

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  1. ahhh sorry you weren't hungry and had to force feed yourself breakfast! I just got done watching American Idol for the first time this year. (yes I am one of those who only watches the ending of that show). Hope you have a nice relaxing night and wake up hungry tomorrow!