Monday, February 2, 2009

And We're Off!

This morning I was up and ready to go, I made my oats (the usual) but couldn't finish them! Me not finish food?!?!? I've been congested and feeling icky, so eating was tough this morning. I brought my mug of coffee with me on my walk to work. It was so warm out!!! I brought the kiddies out for 45 minutes and it was amazing.... TOTALLY MADE MY DAY! I walked home on lunch to get the car since I thought I'd be going to Joe's last bowling match, that didn't happen though! When I got back the woman I work with told me I was going to have to stay until 4 :( I was not a happy camper! Lunch was eaten during nap time, even though I wasn't very hungry.. I had a Yoplait Apple Turnover, pineapples, and 2 handfuls of goldfish.. MMM I got home around 4ish and when Adam got home we decided to run out to Walmart and pick up labels and ink for printing out our address labels for the Save the Dates :-D

When we got back I had my leftover from last night, the other half of my veggie delight sub (subway) some pita chips and roasted red pepper hummus. I also had a yummy pickle, and had a bite of Adam's chicken wings..Mr. Popcorn was trying to eat all of Adam's wings!!!! I then got started on making Adam blueberry bread for his breakfast. I of course tasted the batter, I didn't make it from scratch it was a Betty Crocker one. I made it healthier without letting him know about it by using eggbeaters and applesauce ;) Gotta keep the soon to be hubby alive and kicking :-) I did some stuff for work (tracing hearts, printing out lists.. ) and ate some lime jello with cool whip.. so good.. I also might have had a choc peanut butter cookie from last week! I'm off to relax and watch Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother.. Hope you have a great night! I'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow.. even though it won't happen!!

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