Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Holy Humpday!

Well my alarm woke me up this morning (I set my cell phone just in case). I got up and got ready and made up my usual bowl of oats and my travel mug of coffee. When I got to work I saw it was NUTS! I had more children today than yesterday, which is usually my heavy day! They were a bit wild so I was glad the rain held off for the morning so we could go OUT! At lunch I wasn't very hungry yet, those oats really fill me up! I ate anyway though since I had a ton of kids in my room resting. They really don't rest though, they just do everything in their power to drive me wacky... Lunch was the same as yesterday yogurt and an orange, these navel oranges are great :) I also had a few froot loops when I was putting out snack. I didn't get out of work until after 4 since there were a ton of kids still there. I snacked on some pretzels and almonds on my way out the door to the gym. There I did almost 2.25 miles and just wanted to get home! Adam had to work a 13 hour day today and he still isn't home.. poor guy.. so I was on my own tonight. I made up a grilled cheese on ww with a gallon of ketchup and some pita chips (ate a bunch before taking a pic) and a few Doritos. Adam has to finish these tasty things up!! lol I also had a few spoonfuls of his chili but no picture ;) I inhaled it! I got a few odds and ends done and snacked on some cherry sf jello with cool whip, a piece of my dad's chocolate may have snuck in before the camera also... ooppsThis is what happens when I have a Megan night.. lots of yummy eats! lol I'm off to watch some food network and read all your blogs! 2 more days until the weekend, have a great night :-D


  1. holy moly that yogurt sounds delicious.

  2. it was really good! you should try it :-D