Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekends Almost Over?!?!!?

Wow does time fly!!!
Last night Adam and I went to his brother/sister in laws house to get our hair "did" and figure out my hair for the wedding! It was a fun night :)

Onto today since there were barely any pictures taken the past couple days.. BAD BAD BLOGGER!!!

This morning I was up bright and early and made some coffee and checked my email while waiting for Adam to wake up from his slumber. I settled on eggwhites scrambled with some mozzarella cheese and some strawberries on the side. (I ate a few off the plate before I got my camera out). I also had a bite of Adam's porkroll and a bite of turkey sausage..YUM! We went for a walk around a lake in our town and down main street. It was actually WARM! I was sweating in my tshirt and hoodie!! How crazy is that?!? We then went to Costco to pick up a few things and had a couple of samples. I had a piece of Gouda Cheese and a bite of some kind of chicken Adam had picked up! We then went to Wegman's and did our shopping for the week. I had a piece of Irish Soda Bread (MY FAV!!) with Kerry's Irish Gold butter. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! :-D We picked up some buffalo steaks for dinner tonight. I can't wait!! It should be tasty and delish! My personal chef (Adam) will be cooking it for me ;) I also picked up one of their Yogurt Parfaits for lunch since theirs always taste so much better.. hahaha When we got home I put everything away got settled and ate that up with some pretzels on the side. I got some cleaning down and more names put in the computer for labels for the wedding. Its been a very productive day and its only 2:30!!! I love days like that! Now its time to relax and then hop in the shower before din din. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day!! I know I did ;)

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