Tuesday, February 3, 2009

WOOHOO For Snow!

Even though its cold out it looks so pretty! The snow is on the trees and I feel like I like in a Norman Rockwell painting! At least until I'm scraping ice off the car for 20 minutes tomorrow! :-P haha
Onto this morning, breakfast was oats (same as usual) and brought a mug of coffee with me. The morning was alittle crazy, we have 4 kids under 2 on Tues and Thurs which makes for CHAOS! Before I knew it it was lunch time, I went out to my car to clean it off a bit and grab my gym clothes so they weren't freezing. I wasn't really hungry for lunch but tried an orzo salad that one of my coworkers made. It was tasty but I tasted it all day long.. :( I also had some of my apples and cottage cheese just because I thought I should eat something.. I was lucky enough to leave at 3:30 today and went right to the gym, I did 2 miles on the treadmill and some weights. I came home and waited for Adam to get in so we could run out to my parents and the supermarket to pick up bananas and salad fixings.

When we got back we made up salads and I had leftover Irish Whiskey Chicken from last week. I also threw in a few sweet potato chips since I saw them in the fridge ;)Thank goodness it was still as tasty as it was the first time :) I got some work done and had some sf lime jello with cool whip and a few chocolate covered peanuts.. mmmmm I got a bunch of home catalogs to check out tonight, so I plan on curling up on the couch and browsing threw those :) I hope everyone had a great Tuesday and if your in Jersey maybe you'll have a snow day tomorrow!!!