Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Week From CRAZYLAND!

Ok so I can finally find some time to post! These past few days have been out of control busy. Tuesday I worked 8:30-4 then went to the gym was back at work by 4:45 (quick in and out at the gym) got done at work at 6, came home showered.. inhaled whatever food I could find and was off to the photographer. We booked them! She was GREAT!! and the price was right.. or as right as it could be.. Wednesday was a bit calmer thank goodness Breakfast was a bowl of cereal (Kashi Heart to Heart Blueberry Oats, cinnamon, banana and light original soy milk) and a hot cocoa for work. Because of the snow it was a slower day, and my boss bought us some coffee to warm us up :) Lunch was salad with peppers, onions, cucs, romaine, some roasted red pepper hummus and a light vin that I found in the fridge at work. I also had a ton of pineapple on the side. I did went to the gym and did the treadmill and weights and came home and we decided to go out to din din! :) We're really trying to save $$ with all the money we are spending on the wedding but we had a gift card so we were off :) We went to I got a Blue Moon to drink and the Irish Whiskey Chicken. It also came with a nice and yummy salad, I got mine with their tasty Honey Mustard Dressing. (I completely forgot to take pics since Adam was telling me about work) This was so good and much needed relaxing night out. We came home and I had the urge to bake. I made Eat, Drink and Be Vegan's You Got Peanut Butter In My Chocolate Chip Cookies. HOLY YUM! These are amazing!!! My brother stopped by also to chit chat so by the time I was done cleaning up and putting things away it was past my bedtime!
Onto today, I woke up ready to go. I had a bowl of Kashi Heart to Heart Blueberry Oats with banana, cinnamon and soy milk. I skipped out on the coffee today and felt pretty darn good :-D We got out for about 15 minutes today and it was great to get the kiddies out in the fresh air. Lunch was a bit of the anti pasto that we got since it was pizza day for the kids. It wasn't anything great so I had my dannon light and fit also and some pineapple. At snack it was a chocolate chip cookie that wasn't so great, but I wanted chocolate!! hahah The afternoon was WILD and I was stuck there past 4 ( I won't get into the wonderful details but we were changing lots of kids clothes b/c of sickness)

I went to the gym and did about 30 minutes on the treadmill and came home to relax........... FI
NALLY!!! I had a Lean Cuisine Panini since I didn't really want to think about cooking or figuring out what to eat. This was the Chicken Tuscan and boy was it good! I had it with some pretzels on the side. I also might have had some pickles and peanuts too ;)

Desert was the rest of my Jello White Chocolate Sugar Free Pudding and 3 chocolate covered peanuts.

I'm off to watch American Idol and Hell's Kitchen with Adam and call it a night! Hope you all had a good one and I promise to see you tomorrow :-D

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