Monday, January 12, 2009


well I found out today that after letting my dad borrow my car that has been acting up that it broke down!!! I had a bad feeling about it and what makes it worse.. he had his stress test today! so obviously his blood pressure wasn't so great before he even started :( now i'm going to have another bill to pay!!! UGH Its not looking good.. I'll just give a quick recap of my meals and put up picks tomorrow ;)
Breakfast was oats,cinnamon, soynog, banana and grapenuts. I also brought my mug of coffee with me.
Lunch was a light yocrunch yogurt (strawberry flavor) with an orange and some pretzels. After all the car fun after work I had a few grapes and went to my brother's bowling match.
Once home I had a almond butter and jelly sandwich on german dark wheat bread.. MMM I also had some more grapes, a few pretzels, and some pickles. While typing up report cards I snacked on 2 chocolate chip cookies. Now its off to relax and figure out a way to pay for my car.. I hope everyone had a good Monday! Sorry for being blah I hope to be more cheerful tomorrow

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