Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Hour and Dress Shopping!

Hi Guys! Sorry that I've been MIA but its been a busy weekend! Friday night was happy hour for the girls. We went out alittle after 7 to see Daddy Pop and were home by 10:30, it was my kind night :) Saturday I was up bright and early (since I couldn't breath) and had breakfast (normal cereal and banana with coffee) and started cleaning up the apt. I went to the gym and then to my parents to get ready to DRESS SHOP! 2 out of 3 of my bridesmaids came and they were a great help! The first dress I tried on and mom and me were crying!! UGH! I finally found THE DRESS! At first it wasn't my number one.. but I kept looking and realized it was gorgeous, a tad plain but totally me! Nothing too fancy, or flashy. I also got my veil and tiera too! I'm such a dork but I felt like a total princess :-D There was a little girl there that was standing with her mom watching me saying how pretty I looked, it totally made me cry!!! HAHAA I'm such a sap! The girls got their dresses and looked beautiful in them. I was so glad they were there with me to give me their opinions too. HERE IT IS!!!!
I finally was home by 4 (I ate a yogurt for lunch in the car on the ride home) I was wondering why I was getting a headache...

I helped Adam around the kitchen since he was cooking a pork tenderloin for dinner since his mom, aunt and uncle were coming over. It was great dinner with good company, his family is so sweet and nice :) When they left we couldn't believe it was already 9 pm! The day FLEW by way too fast!

Since I didn't sleep too well Friday night (in my semi drunk coma) I took so claritin to hopefully help my breathing and slept in until 8:30!!!! It was AWESOME! I let Adam keep sleeping and got up and fed my hungry belly. I had a cup of coffee and my bowl of cereal with banana and soy milk. YUM! I'm gonna sit and let it digest then I'm off to the gym in the snow :-) gotta stay in shape now that I got my dress!!! I love me some motivation! Adam and I also have to go food shopping and get a present for his cousin's son's 4th birthday! We are getting him a light bright! That was one of my favorites when I was little, maybe he will let me play with it ;) Have a great Sunday all and see you tonight!

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