Monday, January 5, 2009


Good Evening All!!
Hope your day back was good, mine wasn't too bad actually. I woke up and had a big bowl of oats with banana, some soynog, cinnamon and some Back to Nature granola. YUM! I brought a mug of coffee with me to get me through the day. I walked to work and walked back on my break to pick up my car since I had to go to my brother's bowling match right after work.
When I came back from picking up my car I had a huge apple with cottage cheese and about a cup of tasty fruit loops. Oh I'm so glad we have these horrible things again :-p, I swear they tease me in the closet when I got to get my lunch out of the fridge!!! When I picked up my dad I had 2 cookies to hold me over while at the bowling match.
When we got there I grabbed a diet coke and watched Joe kick some BUTT! He bowled a 269!! How crazy is that?!?! He had 10 strikes in a row! I came home around 6 and made a Sunbutter and jelly sandwich with Brother's All Natural potato chips. I wrote out my thank you's for Christmas and ate a cookie and now I'm watching some Monday night tv with Adam. Hope you all have a great night! See you tomorrow :-D

UGH I tried uploading my pictures and blogger is having problems :( I'll try again later ;)

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