Friday, January 2, 2009

Last "Real" Day of Vacation

Happy Friday all!
How is your day going? I was up around 7:30 and finally dragged myself out of my warm toasty bed around 8ish. It was COLD!! I cranked up the heat and made some coffee and a bowl of oats since I was starving from eating dinner at 5 last night! The oats had some soynog, banana and cinnamon, with a sprinkling of some Back To Nature granola on top. I did some lesson planning and vacuumed the living room a bit. I then decided to do some ab work and get my butt to the gym. I did 2.5 miles on the good old treadmill and then did some weights. I had to stop by my parents house to pick up candy for my cousin's since I'm babysitting their kids tonight, I also picked up a plate of candy for my friend since we are trading dad's candy for her homemade perogies ;) I ate 2 pieces of the tasty candy and then came back home, to be lazy for my last day of vacation (well my last day of having the apartment to myself since Adam is working)
I showered and did some stuff then thought about some lunch, I ate some fruit salad while deciding what to have. I was looking around and discovered my bag of lower fat Ramen Noodles that I bought while in PA. They are discontinued which makes me so sad, these were a grammar school through college staple (well the real ones) and its brings back some memories :-D I ate a nice big bowl of them with a piece of cheese melted in to it to make the broth creamy. I put it in my favorite John Deere oversized mug:SO GOOD! Even though its reduced sodium I still find it mighty salty so I am chugging some H2O and snacking on some more fruit to hydrate. I'm off to relax and then around 5:30 I'm off to drive down to my cousins to babysit and play Wii all night since that is what they got for Christmas. I'm also asking my youngest cousin who is also my godson to be our ring bearer at the wedding :-D Its coming up quick 10 months and 12 days.. Not that I'm counting or anything :-P I'm off to sit and watch the snow fall and relax. See you tonight for a recap of my eats and Wii playing !
I realized I never showed you all my Dad's candy so here is a small plate he made for my friend!

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