Sunday, January 4, 2009


UGH back to work tomorrow!! Those 13 days sure flew by, I hate how 13 days go by with a blink of an eye and 1 hour at work can seem like 13 days!! What is that?!?!? lol anyhow back to my eats of today, since yesterday I kinda bummed out ;)

This morning I was up and at em around 8:15, I started making coffee and decided on the eats of the morning. I had my usual bowl of cereal (Fiber One Oat Clusters with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze, cinnamon, and a banana) and a big cup of coffee that I could not finish I was off to the gym before 10 since I needed gas too. I did about a half hour on the treadmill and some weights, I was in a hurry since we had lots to do today! I came home and showered, got ready and was off to the supermarket. Let me tell you they must have been giving food away and we missed it because the store was PACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had to drive all around for a couple minutes before finding a spot. IT WAS NUTS!!!!! We ran around as fast as we could just so we could get out of there, which makes me sad since I like to look for new things and take my time. Once home we were starving so I had tuna (leftovers from last nights dinner out) which I made into a tuna sandwich with reduced fat mayo on a sandwich thin with pickles and some pretzels. I also had a cookie after waiting for my brother to come over so we could go to the outlets near our house. We walked around and the boys bought a few things, I was sad because I could not find anything I wanted! So then I decided I wanted a new watch and they have a fossil outlet there so we went in and I found one for 40 bux!! So I used my Visa gift card from Joe and bought it :-D We then came home and relaxed for a few, Adam started cooking and I cleaned up a bit around the apartment. We had a salad with some chicken parm and pasta. YUM!! I also had a very small glass of Pinot Grigio. It totally hit the spot, it was nice to have a quiet meal at home. We were going to do it last night but had no energy to go food shopping and cook. So after trying 5 restaurants we got some dinner out ;)I just made some microwave cake that I've made a few times before. I had a few BIG bites while typing up addresses into the computer so we have them for the Save The Date cards we need to send out soon!
Well I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
Do you have any fun plans for the week?
I think we might be meeting with the minister this week!

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