Thursday, January 8, 2009

One Day To Go

Happy Thursday :-D

I woke up feeling much better today since I started taking my generic Claritin from Walmart last night. I had my bowl of cereal (same from yesterday) with a mug of coffee. I was off to work for my BIG day of kids, I had all 13. My assistant took the 4 ones that are under 2 out of the room so I could get art projects and circle done. They weren't even out of the room for 10 minutes when she came back to tell me "the bitter" did it again, so I had to call her mom. This is her 2nd time this week!!!!!!!! Oh and it gets better! She did it again an hour and a half later to the same boy. :*-( NUTS!!! So it was a fun day bonding with my boss over what to do.

On a better note she bought us lunch today since we did so well when the State dropped by. I had a few bites of a whole wheat wrap with turkey and provolone on it. I ate a ton of fruit and some pickles too ;) Didn't want to take a picture since I was sitting with my boss. lol

After work I was off to the gym, I picked the treadmill with the broken tv. It only stays on channel 4 which had Deal or No Deal on, that is the worst show EVER!!! I could only handle being on there for a half hour and went and did some weights. I came home and relaxed for a bit then got to baking cookies for Saturday when some of Adam's fam is coming for dinner. I made the same Bisquick cookies that I made for the NYE party last week. I ate a few m&ms, and a bite of cookie dough. So I didn't eat a ton of dough I had 2 handfuls of grapes to quiet my rumbling belly.

Dinner was that yummy veggie chicken salad sammy I picked up yesterday from the health food store. YUM! I also had some of a roasted red pepper that Adam got on his salad today and some black olives too. We took down the tree and cleaned up a bit then I had 2 of the cookies I made to make sure they came out good (of course!!) we can't have anyone getting sick now can we?!?) Joe is coming over now to visit and then I'm off to be lazy until bedtime. I hope everyone had a great day. See you tomorrow!

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