Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another Bingeful Kinda Day

UGH Today was another one of "those" day, with hormones and stress I ate like a big ol PIGGY!
Breakfast was a bowl of Fiber One Honey Oats with some of the bottom of the bag of Honey Bunches of Oats, cinnamon, banana and LF Vanilla Soy Milk. I also had handful of peanuts while making my coffee to bring to work. I have no idea why its sideways!!! HAHA

At work I had about half a cup of cheerios at snack time then for lunch was a Dannon Light and Fit with an orange. Snack was 2 chocolate covered pretzels from one of the kiddies. I then went to the gym and did alittle over 2 miles on the treadmill and some weights. I came home to find out daddy's home. No answers to what happened but he is home! Thank goodness!

Dinner was an English muffin with one egg, ff cheese, and a piece of Canadian bacon. I also had a half of a sweet potato on the side and munched on more nuts about 2 handfuls while figuring out what the heck to eat for dinner. We ran out to the store to pick up a roasted chicken for dinner tomorrow night and I went to see daddy. He was in bed, he exhausted from not sleeping for the past 2 days :( I then came home, did some cleaning and ate some more. I had 2 bites of chocolate cake(the microwave one from a few nights ago) and 2 peanut butter cookies. I NEED TO STOP! Needless to say I've thrown away some junk food just to get it out. I'm not hungry but its there so I eat. This emotional eating HAS GOT TO STOP!!! Sorry for venting I just need to get it all out. I hope everyone had a good Tuesday. See you for a better tomorrow (I hope)


  1. I'm so glad daddy's back! I hope you can forgive yourself for the emo eating. It sounds like you did pretty well to me!

  2. Thanks Erin! That makes me feel better! :-D