Sunday, December 28, 2008

Feeling Off..

One of those blah days, was what I was having! I went to the gym and did 3 miles on the treadmill came home snacked on some dried fruit and grapes and showered up. We went to Wegman's and I started to feel funny, kinda light headed. So thinking I was hungry I got a Wegman's Super Yogurt Parfait that had LF Vanilla Yogurt, Strawberries, Blueberries, and granola. It hit the spot but didn't help the funny feeling :( We then went to Costco to pick up my free pictures I had printed out and a couple of other things. They had samples so I tried the Amy's deluxe mac and cheese, and a tiny bite of a brownie. Yum :-) We came home and I snacked some more even though it wasn't helping a bit. I don't even remember what I had, some more fruit and some nuts and god only knows what else. I ended up crashing on the couch and closing my eyes for a few. I just felt so weak, and my tummy was doing flips! Probably from all the crap over the past week. UGH! We decided to do a tv dinner nite to make it easy since I didn't want to stand up at all. (so not like me at all!!)

I decided on the Lean Cuisine Roasted Veggie Pizza, I added a bit more cheese(ff cheddar and more tomato sauce on the side) It was SO good! I then went on a cleaning spree through the closets and had 2 of my chocolate cookies I made last week. Adam's already in bed since he has to be up at 4:30. I am going to try to stay up as late as I can since I have a whole week to sleep in!!!!!!! LOVE IT. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend :-D

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