Sunday, December 7, 2008

What A Slacker!

Hey Guys.. Sorry I've been flaking on writing these past couple days. Friday night Adam and I ended up doing some running around and by the time I got home and thawed out I just sat with the rest of my decaf cappuccino and watched tv (something I don't do very often!) Then Saturday was the High School State Finals for football at Rutgers Stadium. We were up and out around 10:45 the game was at 1. I got a fruit and yogurt parfait for the ride up and had a big cup of coffee too from Einstein Brothers Bagels. This surprisingly kept me full for the whole game. IT WAS FREEZING THERE! Which I think kept my mind off of food! Well Manasquan (Joe's team) won!! I even busted out my cheering varsity jacket from 10 years ago to support them! :) it was a great game and the boys were so excited! By the time we got home I was starving and tore around my parents house and grabbed 2 choc chip cookies and ran out the door to come home and defrost! It was about 35 degrees (if that at the game) I ate and apple and some peanuts oh and some of Adam's popcorn from the game while deciding on dinner which was a quick lean cuisine flat bread. The chicken style philly one. With half of a huge sweet potato. This really filled me up, for some reason I wasn't too hungry yesterday.

We then ran out shopping to BJ's, Wegman's and Target. We picked up food for the week, and desperately tried to get some gifts for the kiddies in his family. We totally struck out though, everything they wanted was sold out! UGH! I love Christmas but shopping for kids is so tough! When we came back I really wanted a beer to sit back and relax with while doing my lesson plans for the week. I had one Belgian Freeze from Truimph Brewery in Lambertville NJ (from our New Hope PA trip) Joe came over to talk about the game and we decided to have a celebratory shot. I poured 3 shots of Jager in my martini shaker and we each had one. Since I'm not a big drinker and didn't eat much that beer and shot knocked me on me heiney big time! hahah!!! So pathetic, but hey I'm a cheep date ;) Its now 9am and I just made a big old pot of Holiday Spice coffee, I'm gonna go have some of that and some egg whites and get my butt to the gym ;) I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! See you later with some actual pics of my food :-D

I will leave you with a few pictures from yesterday though that I took with my awesome new camera. My brother is 49..

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