Saturday, December 20, 2008

Good Day Goes Bad!

Hi All

So today started off on a good foot! I slept well with the help of some Tylenol pm ( I had a headache that would not go away last night!) I woke up at 8:30 and decided to skip the gym today since I had gone everyday since last Sunday :) I had some cereal (the usual mix) and coffee and vacuumed. I showered and was off to my parents to do some laundry and hang out. I came home around one after a little snacking on grapes and a piece of dad's famous candies. I unpacked the laundry and made up some Chobani Vanilla with frozen berries and Back To Nature Blueberry Apple Granola. YUM!!! I also may or may not have had another chocolate ;) I was then off for my massage... It was AWESOME and much needed, now if they weren't 70 bux I would get them more often!!!

Here's where it goes bad :(

I came home and was thinking I hadn't had not gotten a bill for my car insurance so I find an old bill and call... To find out it was cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!WTF?!?!?! Then I realized it would have been due the end of November! I have been mailing it in since I moved marking the moved box for my change of address.. and they never changed it.. Well I never got my bill and that means no driving my car for me :( I'm very very angry now! So much for my relaxation! UGH!! Needless to say since I'm a spaz I've been crying and complaining. Adam thinks I'm nuts and told me not to worry.. but I'm so good with paying bills and all of that.. I'm always super early.. so it just gets me upset. Even though it wasn't my fault. I'm now sitting around being cranky.. Maybe I'll bake alittle.. I do know that we will be going out to look at Christmas lights tonight!! I think I'll stop at 7-11 and pick up a coffee.. That should make me happy :-D Hope your having a great Saturday!

See ya after dinner!

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