Friday, December 26, 2008

NYC For The Day!

So we were up and out by 8:10 this morning to grab some breakfast and hit the road/train for NYC. We brought my brother there for his 18th bday present, we've been bringing him for the past 5 years and it was a big hit this year!
Here's the recap: breakfast was a fruit and yogurt parfait that I got from Einstein Brother's Bagels by our house. The boys got bagels from Dunkin Donuts and I got a coffee with skim milk. We ate on the train and were in NYC by alittle before 11. We went and saw the tree and walked all over the place!! We found this great pub called I got a Blue Moon with an orange to drink, we then split the shrimp cocktail. The cocktail sauce was great! For lunch I got the MEDITERRANEAN GRILLED VEGETABLE accented with balsamic glaze, goat cheese, beefsteak tomatoes, greens, honey wheat wrap. It was so good, I dove right in and realized to take a picture after I ate half of it.. OOPPS! I also tried Adam's fish and chips and they were tasty too! Then to celebrate Joe's Birthday we had a shot of Jamison Irish Whiskey since we were at an Irish Pub and Joe was excited to get served..HAHAH We ended up walking to the Whole Foods in Union Square after lunch I got a huge fruit platter which we lugged home and some PB Puffins... YUM! I have to say I was not as impressed by this Whole Foods as I thought I would be :( I'll stick with the one close to home.. We walked back to Penn Station but first stopped at a shop to buy some cheesy souvenirs. Adam got a Cigarette Holder with a picture of NYC on it, Joe got an I love NYC flask and I got I love NYC sleep shorts with Taxi's on them and a I love NYC tshirt. We stopped to get Adam some food for dinner on the way to the train, I got a Sprite Zero and we finally got home by 8. I'm so glad to be home and relaxing, I made up a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with skim milk, a banana and tons of cinnamon (forgot to take picture since I was uploading the ones from today). I then needed something sweet so I had 2 bites of a HUGE caramel covered pretzel with mini m&ms on it. So good but I'm so full, it was a great day! I'm now ready for bed and a long day at the gym, even though we walked well over 6 miles around the city today ;) Have a great night and see you tomorrow.
I'll leave you with some fun pictures from our day :-D

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  1. what a fun visit!! i love the warp, so yummy looking!