Monday, December 15, 2008


Hi there
Well I'm in a funk today.. Got up early since I couldn't sleep past 7, made coffee bummed around ate some cereal... went to the gym did 2 miles since it was packed.. and went to mom's to shower and do some laundry and get ready to see daddy.. I ate way too much while at moms.. damn STRESS!! We went and saw Dad, he seems ok but they haven't done any TESTS!!! WTF!?? I HATE HOSPITALS! Once I finally got back to the apartment I made a grilled cheese on country wheat bread I stole from the parents.. I had some pickles and corn chips on the side.. I also might have had a huge piece of carrot cake mom had made yesterday for dad before the chaos started! I hate hormones and stress.. and right now I am having a double whammy! poor Adam!! hahah I've been eating non stop all day and I'm still not full... It is just one of those days. My brother has a bowling match at 3:30 right near the hospital so I will be leaving in about an hour to make another trek up to where I was this morning.. I plan on eating healthy tonight once I get home and running to the library to pick up some more Christmas books for the kiddies.. I hope your day is going better than mine! See ya later. Sorry for no pictures today.. Haven't really thought about those.. I'll take one tonight though ;)


  1. Be Kind to yourself, Angel girl! You are going through A LOT and you need kindness and care! Allow yourself to just be, ya know? I've been thinking of you and your daddy all day and will continue to keep y'all in my prayers! No worries, everything will be okay :)

  2. I'm sorry your day was such a crapster. :(

  3. Thanks for your kind words! Things are getting better :-D