Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Funday!

Today was a fun day out! Adam has jury duty out in Trenton the first week in August so today we decided to take a trip out there to see where the court house was. I also figured since Trenton is close to New Hope PA we might as well make a day out of it :) I unfortunately didn’t get much sleep last night and was up before 7 this morning. I made myself wait until almost 8 to get out of bed and make some coffee. I had a big mug of coffee to get me going and some Dannon Light and Fit with a mix of cereals and some cantaloupe on the side. I also had a huge handful of raisins afterward because it sounded good.

005 004

We headed out around 10ish and had a few things like running to the bank and getting a newspaper (job searching). After driving through Trenton (there are some amazing buildings there, even though its a bit run down). Once we got to PA we ran to DD’s to use their facilities…hahha and buy a water. We went to one of our favorite restaurants for some lunch. We got there right around 12 and it was perfect timing! I had a chicken cheese steak wrap with fries and a pickle.. MMM I was craving this knowing we were coming.. haha There were healthier things on the menu that sounded good too, but I had my heart set on this and figured I would not be satisfied if I didn’t get it. Silly me chowed down and completely forgot to take a picture :( I do have half left for din din one night so you’ll get to see it! We walked around and then walked back over the bridge in to Jersey to go to River Horse Brewery, you can get their 4 beers on tap to sample for a dollar!! We try to make it every time we go out that way to try out their new beers. The place was packed since both New Hope and Lambertville were brimming with people! Adam and I split the 4 beers and we had fun people watching ;-) We walked around a bit more saw a rainbowish cloud over church in Lambertville (you can’t really see it in the picture, I used my phone to take it) It was really beautiful though!


On our way home we went to Adam’s mom’s house to pick up our invitations!!!! Its getting so close! When we got home I made up some pasta salad for Adam’s lunch for the week and did some Wii Active. After vegging for a bit we had some dinner. I went light and just had cereal, banana and soymilk. I might have had a couple bites of Adam’s eggs and sausage too!


After cleaning up I had 2 pieces of chocolate for something sweet,

004_thumb[1] 006_thumb[1]

I showered for the 2nd time today.. lol and now its time to look for a JOB!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone in Jersey now of any jobs at the shore? I hope everyone had a great weekend!!! See ya tomorrow :-D


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