Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Holiday Weekend!!

Hey Guys.. Sorry I was M.I.A. yesterday, I’ve been in such a funk and with having to go to the dentist and all I decided to be cranky and not vent to all of you ;) The dentist went well, and after I got home from there we were headed to the baseball game. We had a great time, chatted, had a few $1 beers and watched the fire works after the Blue Claws won! ;-D

Here’s a quick picture recap of most of the eats of the day!

I had the Amazing Grass Super Food Chocolate Bar and let me tell you I totally love this things! You really have to try them out, they don’t taste “healthy” They taste like a yummy chocolate bar and I loved every bite! It kept me full all through the baseball game since I ate on the run after the dentist!!!

 001 002 004 005006

And here is a funny picture from the game, its pork roll, egg and cheese racing around the bases!!! Gotta love Jersey!!


Today I was up before 8 to eat some breakfast and get to the gym since I had work at 12. I like to give myself more than enough time to get ready and settle for a bit. I had a cup of DD’s coffee with a bowl of Kashi Go Lean, Kashi U, banana, cinnamon and soymilk. MMMM

010 009

I also had some extremely tasty cherries before heading out to the gym. I did 2.5 miles on the treadmill and came home to relax for a bit with my sweetie and get ready for work. I had lunch after the kids went down to rest. I brought cottage cheese and a pear with me and had some pretzels and goldfish on the side. I was done before 4, I guess all the parents had things planned for the holiday. I walked home and got Adam to get moving so we could go to my parents house and Pathmark for some shopping. When we came back I saw I had a package from Vega, who were nice enough to send me some samples to try out! Thanks so much, I really can’t wait to try them since I have heard so many great things.

011 013

Dinner was a Lean Cuisine Pizza since they were on sale and I had a craving for pizza (and was way too lazy to make my own). I had the Mushroom and Spinach that I dipped in some tomato sauce with pickles and the end of a red pepper we had in the fridge.


After dinner we went up the boardwalk for a nice walk and then went to get some ice cream!!! I got a small swirl soft serve.


It was so nice to sit up at the boardwalk, watch the waves and relax. I LOVE LIVING AT THE BEACH! It was the perfect ending to a crappy week :-D I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! See you tomorrow.

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