Monday, July 6, 2009

More Than 3 Hours!

I actually worked more than 3.5 hours today!! Its a record for me since last Monday I hadn’t worked more than 3.5 hours in one day..  How sad is that? My pocketbook/banking account is not happy! Around 1 o’clock when the kiddies laid down to relax I had cottage cheese and apples.. I also had a kiwi and some Cheddar Goldfish. MMM When I got home around 5ish I snacked on some raisins and cherries and waited for din din. I had a PB&J on WW with my leftover sweet potato fries.


I also had a huge pickle before taking the picture.. Weird combo I know! I then went to Target to get a new filter for my vacuum, you know your getting old when your excited for a new filter for your vacuum. lol We also went to Wegman’s for some food shopping… Gosh I love that store :-D We came home put everything away and I had some chocolate, I  have to say this might be one of my favorite lighter dark chocolates. I had this picture times 2!! :-D


I’m off to read some magazines Adam’s mom gave me and relax. I have to work a whopping 6 hours tomorrow 9-3.. What am I going to do with myself?!?!? Its going to seem like FOREVER!! hahah At least its some $$$$ :-D I hope everyone’s Monday flew by like mine, see you tomorrow!

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