Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday’s Come Too Quick!

Morning everyone!

Hope ya had a great weekend! Mine went too quick, even though I felt like I didn’t do too much. Yesterday I was up around 8 and made up some coffee. I tried to hold out until a certain sleepy head got up but by 9 my tummy was ready for some FOOD! I had a Dannon Light and Fit with home made granola and tons of pineapple on the side. (pic x3)

007 008

I went to the gym to get in a 2.5 mile walk and some weights went over to my parent’s house to do a couple things and came back home to be lazy for a bit. Lunch was a salad with hummus, croutons, balsamic vinegar, cucs, peppers, and red onion. I had a few chips and a pickle too :)


We had house warming/4th of July party at Adam’s cousin’s/my high school English teachers house (small world right?) I snacked on a few chips and had a drink of Naked Juice Mango with Vodka.. This totally hit the spot and after sipping it for a long time still went right to my head.. I’m such a light weight!! hahah Dinner was grilled veggies, a bite of potato salad, some bowtie macaroni salad, tons of fruit and a bunch of olives (gotta get some healthy fats in there ;) Then there was dessert! Today is Adam’s mom and Aunts Birthday so we had a delish cake from Costco. I usually don’t like store bought cakes much but this cake was so moist and good!!! Too good because I ate almost the whole slice and woke up with a horrible tummy ache this morning :(

This morning I was up around 7:45 made coffee and watched the news for a bit. I then made up a bowl of tasty oatmeal with banana, cinnamon, soymilk and some protein powder to keep me full until my lunch after I get to work. DSCN1429

I went to the gym for a quick 2.5 miles came home snacked on a bunch of cherries and now I’m just trying to relax for a bit before going into work at 12. Lets hope I’m there past 4 o’clock today! I need some $$ big time and working 3 hours a day is not cutting it with the wedding in 4 months!!! I  hope you are having a great Monday or at least as great as it can go ;) See ya tonight!!

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