Friday, July 24, 2009

Learning How To Relax…

UGH I’m so not a fan of not being able to do what I want.. There was no gym today and minimal movement on my part. I took a muscle relaxer last night after dinner with the family and it made me sleepy and sick to my stomach.. oh what fun! Oh here’s a recap of mom’s Birthday dinner… (I started eating my salad and realized I had to take a picture!!) I also had a glass of White Zin but forgot to take a picture.. I was drinking it to make the pain go away…..

 001 002003

I did sleep almost 9 hours though and got up around 8 this morning. Adam was off again today trying to use up some vacay time. We had some coffee and breakfast (I had an apple with cottage cheese and some cantaloupe and then did some errands.

007 004 005

I tried a few samples at Wegman’s and got some new m&ms that are coconut flavor.. MMMM so good! When we got home from BJ’s, Target, and Wegman’s I had a Chobani yogurt with frozen strawberries, blueberries, granola and some Kashi Go Lean. I love this lunch! There was also some diet “crack” since I was in a cranky mood :(

009 008

I had some pretzel a bit later while looking for jobs online. OH WHAT FUN! I decided to lay down and read my book for about an hour until my brother called to come over and visit. Once he left I was getting mighty hungry ( I think the stress on my body is screwing me up royally!) I  made a “crack wrap” with garlic hummus and Swiss cheese on a flat out wrap and had some pickles and fries on the side. This hit the spot and wasn’t anything too crazy for my belly who isn’t happy with me and my muscle relaxers…


After dinner we went to Pet Smart to look around and then to Barnes and Nobles (since it was a walk around then sit and read magazines night.. easy on the hipage) I had an unsweetened passion iced tea. SO SO GOOD!!! When we got home I snacked on a piece of Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate.. I had to pick this up last night! It has been my favorite since I was little and would go to my parents’ friends house and they would have the Hershey’s miniatures in a candy bowl. I would always pick out all of the dark ones!!! :-D


I think its now time to take a muscle relaxer and read some more of my book after I look for jobs again.. Think some more were added in the past 3 or 4 hours? Gosh I hope so!!! See ya tomorrow :)


  1. get ghirardelli next time!!! so much better, and much less wax in the chocolate!!! yummy!

  2. Your right Ghiradelli is great! But I just needed some comfort food... That will def be my next pick though ;)