Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mr.. Sun Kicked My Butt!

Well I was off this morning but apparently my body did not want to listen! I kept waking up and finally just got up at 7:15, got  my lap top and read blogs in bed. hahah Around 8ish I started to get hungry so I made up some coffee and a big bowl of cereal (Kashi Go Lean, All Bran Strawberry Medley, banana, cinnamon and lots of soymilk)

002 001

After that I made up some home made almond/cashew butter in my dad’s food processor that I borrowed to make the banana soft serve. I don’t think I let it go long enough but it shut off so many times from over heating (I think this thing is as old as me!) So I just left it the way it is.. It tastes good ;)


I did about 10ish minutes of Wii Active then hit up the gym for a 2.5 mile walk and some weights. I came home put my bathing suit on cleaned up and made up some lunch before my friends came over to go to the pool. I was starving by 12 so I had a nice big apple with cottage cheese. I also might have dipped my spoon in the nut butter a few times ;) A few chips jumped on my plate too! How did they get there?!??!?!

003 004

Jamie and Bill got here around 1 and we stayed at the pool until 3. Silly me forgot suntan lotion and didn’t want to walk back to the apartment to get it, so needless to say is that I’m a LOBSTER! When I came back I decided to use up some of my nut butter and made some of Dreena’s You got Chocolate in my Peanut butter cookies! MMM they came out very very tasty!


Dinner was a Lean Cuisine Panini, I can’t remember which one it was, but it had chicken, peppers and a tasty sauce :) I dipped it in honey mustard since I’m a dipper :-P


We had to run to Adam’s mom’s house and to his cousins to give them $$ for the Outer Banks! I can’t wait for vacation, I am in desperate need of one. It gets depressing living at a vacation hot spot! I get very jealous… oh well.. lol  dessert was some more leftover Tasti-d-lite, they only give one size at the place we went to and it is HUGE! oh well I got my $$ worth ;)


I’m off to take a Tylenol PM and pass out! Hope your week is flying by.

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