Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Need to Get Back in The Swing of Things!

So I was such a slacker today and completely forgot to take pictures! I really need to get back into the picture taking mode ;) I’ll just give ya a recap of my not so fun filled day… started out with a bit over 2.5 miles on the treadmill.. showered and got some cereal with almond milk and banana in my belly. I was trying to be the good little wife and find the box of frozen veggies for Adam and I to have tonight before I left (since Adam is working nights he eats his “dinner” around 4:30) and I don’t get home till after 5 on Tuesdays from work. Well our freezer is PACKED and there was a cave in!!! I couldn’t get the darn freezer to close to save my life.. I was there moving things around for over 5 minutes with no luck at all :-( I ended up having to wake up poor Adam even though he just got home around 6ish from work. I felt horrible but it was almost time for me to leave for work and I was still in my pj’s! OOPPS! Thankfully he fixed it and I was off to get ready and head into work with a nice hot mug of coffee in my hand.

I walked into more craziness there! Phones ringing… patients at the window.. just nonstopness! ahhh! it finally did calm down a bit thank goodness :-D Before I knew it, it was lunch time. I had a huge apple, cottage cheese and about 1.5 servings of Kashi cracker. YUMO! I did also snack on 2 pieces of chocolate as the day went on. Around 5:15 it was time for me to head home to my sweetie since we only had about 45 minutes to spend together today.. UGH I’m not a fan of him working nights at all!

We sat and talked for a bit and then while he was getting ready for work I made up a PB&J on whole wheat bread with some cheddar and sour cream chips and pop chips on the side. I needed some comfort food ;) after Adam left I got a few things done around the apartment and got on the treadmill to do another mile to try and relax a bit. Unfortunately relaxing was not in my future! I did my crunches and some squats and resistance band exercises with my arms.. Then I went to wash my face and saw that our bathroom sink is backing up! And then completely stopped draining.. There is a ton of my hair stuck down there.. oopps once again… MY BAD!!!!!! I called Adam and complained and then decided on going to the ‘rents to pick up their plunger.. It helped so we will see what happens tomorrow… I ended up having 2 brownies since I was in a funk.. Oh well tomorrow is another day right? Thank goodness I don’t have to fit into a wedding dress :-O Hope everyone has/had a great day! See you tomorrow with pictures!!!!


  1. Brownies make anything better. :)

  2. You do know that it is very easy to clean out the hair without a plunger, just look underneath the sink, you can take the trap out and remove everything that is blocking the drain.