Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I’m On A Roll!

Wow two whole days in a row! hah Lets see.. this morning started out on the treadmill.. did my usual 2.75 miles then showered and made the same bowl of cereal as yesterday.. except I almost forgot the picture.. so this bowl is half eaten already.. ooppps At work I had my coffee with stevia and coffee mate.


I walked in to a busy morning since I go in at 10 and stay later on Tuesdays. Both phone lines were ringing and there were lots of insurance stuff to be done. Gotta love the new year! Lunch was take out since we had a drug rep come in. I got a cup of Beef Barley Veggie soup that came with oyster crackers and a half of a tuna sammy on ww bread. I had the cup of soup, some crackers and a bite of the sandwich but was so stuffed! There also was a side of diet crack ;) I got out right on time at 5 and came home to see my sweetie for about an hour before he left for work :( I whipped up a HUGE salad for dinner with romaine, cucs, green peppers, roasted red pepper, Sabra hummus, croutons, and tons of salsa!!(I may have snacked on a handful of almonds and a handful of grapes while making it up)  MMMM so good.. I also had a side of home made sweet potater fries. This may be my favorite dinner EVER!



(I’m really trying to get back on some kinda track ;) After dinner and reading the local paper online I did some cleaning and jumped on the treadmill to bust out another 1.25 miles I also did some resistance band for my arms and back and crunches. I was on a roll today!!!

I’m now off to watch The Biggest Loser and eat my tasty Peppermint Patty and have a nice cold glass of H2O! I need to make it an early night tonight.. Last night was one of those nights were I had silly things running through my head all night and tossed and turned until after midnight trying to get to sleep! I hate when that happens!


I hope everyone has a great night!

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  1. I love the idea of using hummus as a salad topping! And LOL at Diet Crack. So true. I've tried to give it up in the past, but my life is just better with soda :)

    Have a great day!